Guildhall Press 'Murals of Derry'

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This definitive collection of unique photographs of Derry murals past and present mirrors the cultural diversity of both main traditions in the north of Ireland over several decades. The range of wall art from across the city captures the ongoing experiences and deeply rooted beliefs of its people, be it celebrating historical events, commemorating lost lives, protesting against social injustices, or showcasing community pride.

Murals of Derry records the evolving viewpoints and aspirations of both communities during a time when the relationships between Ireland and Britain, nationalist and unionist, republican and loyalist, Catholic and Protestant, were – and to some extent still are – being explored and redefined.

Many imaginative examples of the muralists’ work have faded or been reimaged down the years; their curation here will ensure that these expressions of cultural identity and their historical significance are preserved for other generations to appraise and reflect upon.

Category:                   Local interest

Sub-category:            Photography

Readership:               General

First published:         August 2008

Revised edition:        July 2016

ISBN:                         978 1 906271 15 2

Pages:                         116     

Imagery:                    Full-colour photos throughout

Binding:                     Paperback

Dimensions:               21 x 29.7 x 1 cm

Weight:                      600gms/1lb 5oz         

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